AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc., was established in 2001 as a result of our own experiences as a boat owner/consumer with "traditional" propeller repair shops.

Our shop was originally established around Prop Scan technology. This equipment has allowed us to accurately repair propellers and provide new propellers tuned to ISO class tolerances. Our reputation for turning out smooth running and efficient propellers has fueled our growth and success. In 2003, we added our second Prop Scan machine enabling us to increase production. In 2004, the need for more accurate technology led us to add Hydrocomp, Inc., Prop Expert sizing software to our list of capabilities. Prop Expert allows us to more accurately predict propeller sizing and performance using existing sea trial data.

Continued growth has required us to expand again. We have just added the Hale MRI to our equipment list. The Hale MRI, very similar to the Prop Scan equipment, will again increase our capability. Our goal is to be the most technologically advanced marine propeller facility in the United States that provides accurate products and satisfied customers. Currently, we are serving customers from many areas of the US and the Caribbean. Continued reports from our customers help us to maintain our focus (some of these may be viewed on our "Testimonial" page).

We do not call ourselves prop experts! And, we do not have 50 years of experience! We have Prop Scan and Hale MRI technology, excellent training, continuing education for our technicians and a many, many customers that have brought us propellers from 12” to 60” in diameter. They are telling us that we are doing things right! We are problem solvers and students of marine propellers and propulsion systems.

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