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Full Service Marine Propeller Sales and Repair Facility

AccuTech Marine Propeller provides professional repair, design, and custom machining services for all of your marine propulsion needs. Propeller services ranging from basic reconditioning to computer based tuning utilizing Prop Scan or Hale MRI. Whether you are a pleasure craft owner, a service yard, or a professional boat builder, AccuTech Marine Propeller is your source for marine propulsion sales and service. Our outstanding customer service, experience, and training, coupled with the latest technology creates a level of service and customer experience that are without equal.


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Inboard Services

1Propeller Sizing

Prop Expert

  • PropExpert is a software tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers for work boats and pleasure craft. It provides the tools needed for the proper selection of propulsion system components – engine, reduction gear and propeller – and has been selected as the principal propeller sizing tool of many of the best known manufacturers and distributors of marine engines and propellers.


  • Basic diagnosis of engine RPM/prop pitching problems.

Crystal Ball

  • Used to demonstrate how changes in the physical nature of a propeller can affect engine RPM.
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2Propeller Repair
3Propeller Evaluations

Outboard / Sterndrive

1Outboard Stainless and Aluminum Repair
Our highly trained technicians will bring your stainless and aluminum propellers back to life. All of our repairs are done to exceed manufactures specifications. The repair process includes repairing pitch, welding and finalized with a polished finish.
2Lower Unit Repairs
Skeg Repairs & Cavitation Plate Repairs
Have you been a victim of those pesky rocks jumping out in front of you? If so, we are here to help. Our skilled technicians can help by welding minor nicks and missing metal to a full skeg replacements.

Sailboat Propeller Repair

AccuTech is the sole U.S. factory certified repair center for SPW, manufacturers of VariProp GP,VariProp, VariProfile, and VariFold sail boat propellers.

AccuTech Marine Propeller provides custom sizing, sales, repair and reconditioning services for all types of folding and feathering propellers.

Through continuous innovation and rigorous testing, SPW has designed and developed the VARIPROP GP to be the most modern feathering propeller found anywhere in the world.

Custom Machining

AccuTech Marine Propeller provides professional repair, design, and custom machining services for all of your marine propulsion needs. Our services also include but are not limited to the following.
  • Stainless Steel Rudder Fabrication
  • Coupling Re-facing
  • Propeller Boring and Keying
  • Remove/Install Cutlass Bearings
  • Custom Propeller Pullers
  • Welding

Custom Shafting

AccuTech provides the following shafting services:
  • Shafts Machined to ABYC and SAE J755 specifications
  • Custom shafts manufactured in house up to 2 1/2″ diameter
  • Couplings fit and faced to their respective shafts
  • Metric and Custom shafts available
  • Shaft inspections and straightening
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Balancing Services

AccuTech provides both Static and Dynamic Balancing
  • Propellers balanced using Dynamics Research Multi-plane balancer
  • Dynamic balancing offers a higher level of accuracy
  • Eliminate propeller induce vibrations
  • Accelerometer sensors analyze the magnitude of vibration in inches per second

Pettit's Barnacle Block

AccuTech Marine Propeller is your source for Pettit's Barnacle Block. Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier 1792 provides excellent protection for bare metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. It forms an excellent bond to underwater metals and running gear, and inhibits corrosion on these surfaces. Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier’s smooth, hard surface will self-clean in service, and can be used above or below the waterline. The dried film of Prop Coat contains the highest percentage of pure Zinc. .

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