Terms & Conditions

We at AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc., take great pride in our work and craftsmanship. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality parts and repair service available.

On occasion, certain circumstances may arise that might cause a propeller or part that is in the process of repair or after repair and placed into service, to break or fail.  These circumstances might be, and are not limited to the following:

  1. Poor casting or defects in the casting process by the manufacturer
  2. Propeller damage from striking an object
  3. Prior repair by the use of heat
  4. Work hardened metal from too many repairs or improper repair techniques
  5. Prior re-pitching of blades
  6. Prior improper weld repairs
  7. Worn blades
  8. Metal corrosion
  9. Metal erosion
  10. Electrolysis
  11. Cracks in hub or blades
  12. Improper removal or installation of propeller


Since we cannot see inside the metal, it is impossible to know how it will react to the repair process. The technicians at AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc., are highly trained professionals that will take every reasonable care and precaution in the repair process. Due to the above reasons, we will not be responsible for any damage to your propeller or parts, or personal injury arising from any failure of propellers or parts. All repairs and/or modifications are performed entirely at the customer’s risk.



All items returned require prior authorization, and must be in original packaging, packed in the same manner as you received it and in new condition with a copy of the invoice. Items that are returned within ten (10) days of purchase will receive a full refund or exchange. New Outboard and/or Inboard/Outboard propellers that have been installed and run prior to returning will incur a $15.00 cleaning fee. Outboard and/or Inboard/Outboard propellers are not returnable if damaged in any way.
No item will be accepted for return after 10 days.


Items that must be made, fabricated or custom modified, including but not limited to propeller shafts, inboard propellers and modified propellers are not returnable.

SPECIAL NOTE: Inboard propellers are not returnable as they are delivered in a factory pilot bore and are machined to your boat’s shaft size. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide accurate shaft dimensions. Inboard propellers are purchased at the risk of the consumer and as such are advised to make sure that the size and dimensions are correct for their boat’s requirement. AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc. or its employees will not be held responsible for the suitability or performance of any part purchased by the consumer. Suitability is the responsibility of the customer.

The original manufacturer warrants defective parts and products. AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc. does not imply or express any guarantee and/or warranty other than provided by the manufacturer. All repairs, fabrications and modifications performed by AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc. are done at the request of the customer and are only warranted to the extent of the work performed. AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc. cannot be held liable for any consequential or indirect costs incurred by the customer associated with the work performed.